Welcome to our Blog!!

Welcome to our new Blog! We hope you enjoy reading our posts and that you will feel free to post any comments or suggestions!  

Our online shop, http://evelynnesoldiesbutgoodies.com – Evelynne’s Oldies But Goodies, specializes in Vintage Bakelite Jewelry, Bakelite for the home, vintage Barware and so much more.  As a mother-daughter partnership, we have been specializing in Vintage Bakelite for over 30 years.  The mother portion of this successful partnership, has been up close and personal with Bakelite in her home and as a fashion accessory, having lived during the era of its popularity.  Remember Everything Old is New Again!!

We thought we would start with a “Bakelite Primer” about Bakelite Jewelry for those that want to know more about Bakelite Jewelry and want to enhance their collection or start one.

Feel free to send us any pictures of Bakelite pieces you just love and want to share!

We would love to hear from you about what Bakelite pieces you have or want to find – is there anything you want to ask of us or anything you have been searching for?

Fabulous Deeply Carved Vintage Bakelite Bangle           Art Deco Styled Vintage Bakelite Bangle

2 comments on “Welcome to our Blog!!

  1. Hi Linda, I really like the way your new Bakelite Website and Blog came out. Congratulations!!!! Tell me, what’s this “Bakelite Primer” all about. Curious, are there many men’s rings made with Bakelite?

  2. hi izzzy -
    thanks for visiting our new blog – so glad you like it!! the “Bakelite Primer” will be a series of blog posts all about Bakelite. I will start with some great info on collecting Vintage Bakelite Jewelry – so, stop by again! in answer to your great question, there were really not too many men’s Bakelite rings made – mostly women’s.

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