Setting Your Table with Vintage Bakelite

We truly believe that Vintage Bakelite Flatware, utensils, and Bakelite serving pieces are indeed like “jewelry for the table!”  The wonderful and ecclectic items found in Vintage Bakelite can take an ordinary table to new levels with just the right amount of vintage pizzazz! Be creative when setting your vintage table and mix and match colors and styles of Bakelite Flateware for instance.  Why not use a Bakelite child’s set comprised of a fork, knife and spoon to serve small edibles such as jams, jellies and pickles! It is wonderful to collect and use Bakelite utensils such as large serving spoons, spatulas, and ice cream scoops. Don’t forget such wonderful items as Bakelite and chrome cocktail shakes – you can even use them for lemonade!  The sky is the limit when collecting and using Vintage Bakelite on your table and remember – there are no rules, just have fun!

We would love to hear what you favorite vintage Bakelite tableware pieces are and what you might  be searching for. 000_0376 000_0370-001 000_0389


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