One of Our Favorite Sites – Cause a Frockus!

Hi all!

If you want to spend a delightful time and learn a lot, then you must stop by our new favorite site, Cause a Frockus!

So you ask, what exactly is Cause a Frockus about.  It is a dynamic and fun online community where they support vintage shops,
enthusiasts, and education. They bring you expert advice ranging from
collectibles, weddings, beauty, and fashion. They also connect you to the shops you love with their curated, nationwide shop directory. The owner of the site, Becky, is just wonderful and so knowledgeable about so many things.

In fact, we collaborated on a great article on Vintage Bakelite that you must check out! The url for the article is:

The url for Cause of Frockus is:

Be sure to stop by Cause a Frockus and have some fun and learn so much!!







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