What Bakelite Item(s) Do you Love to Collect?

As avid Bakelite collectors and dealers we always wonder what our shoppers really love to collect and are searching for.  Are there definite trends in collecting Vintage Bakelite? Do those individuals that collect and covet Vintage Bakelite jewelry also feel the same way about Vintage Bakelite Flatware?  From our experience being online on Ruby Lane for 11 years, those shoppers that we have are quite specific about what they love and collect – for instance, those repeat customers that we have that purchase Vintage Bakelite jewelry do not usually purchase Vintage Bakelite Flatware.  We have several customers that purchase only Bakelite flatware and those that purchase only Bakelite utensils.  There are also those that love and collect only Vintage Bakelite Bangles and not Bakelite brooches, for instance.

We would love to hear from our readers about what they collect in Vintage Bakelite and of course what you are passionately searching for – what is your “Bakelite Mission?”000_0377000_0381000_0404