What Bakelite Item(s) Do you Love to Collect?

As avid Bakelite collectors and dealers we always wonder what our shoppers really love to collect and are searching for.  Are there definite trends in collecting Vintage Bakelite? Do those individuals that collect and covet Vintage Bakelite jewelry also feel the same way about Vintage Bakelite Flatware?  From our experience being online on Ruby Lane for 11 years, those shoppers that we have are quite specific about what they love and collect – for instance, those repeat customers that we have that purchase Vintage Bakelite jewelry do not usually purchase Vintage Bakelite Flatware.  We have several customers that purchase only Bakelite flatware and those that purchase only Bakelite utensils.  There are also those that love and collect only Vintage Bakelite Bangles and not Bakelite brooches, for instance.

We would love to hear from our readers about what they collect in Vintage Bakelite and of course what you are passionately searching for – what is your “Bakelite Mission?”000_0377000_0381000_0404

Setting Your Table with Vintage Bakelite

We truly believe that Vintage Bakelite Flatware, utensils, and Bakelite serving pieces are indeed like “jewelry for the table!”  The wonderful and ecclectic items found in Vintage Bakelite can take an ordinary table to new levels with just the right amount of vintage pizzazz! Be creative when setting your vintage table and mix and match colors and styles of Bakelite Flateware for instance.  Why not use a Bakelite child’s set comprised of a fork, knife and spoon to serve small edibles such as jams, jellies and pickles! It is wonderful to collect and use Bakelite utensils such as large serving spoons, spatulas, and ice cream scoops. Don’t forget such wonderful items as Bakelite and chrome cocktail shakes – you can even use them for lemonade!  The sky is the limit when collecting and using Vintage Bakelite on your table and remember – there are no rules, just have fun!

We would love to hear what you favorite vintage Bakelite tableware pieces are and what you might  be searching for. 000_0376 000_0370-001 000_0389


One of Our Favorite Sites – Cause a Frockus!

Hi all!

If you want to spend a delightful time and learn a lot, then you must stop by our new favorite site, Cause a Frockus!

So you ask, what exactly is Cause a Frockus about.  It is a dynamic and fun online community where they support vintage shops,
enthusiasts, and education. They bring you expert advice ranging from
collectibles, weddings, beauty, and fashion. They also connect you to the shops you love with their curated, nationwide shop directory. The owner of the site, Becky, is just wonderful and so knowledgeable about so many things.

In fact, we collaborated on a great article on Vintage Bakelite that you must check out! The url for the article is: http://www.causeafrockus.com/2014/03/bakelite-expert-linda-grossman-evelynnes-oldies-goodies/

The url for Cause of Frockus is: http://www.causeafrockus.com/

Be sure to stop by Cause a Frockus and have some fun and learn so much!!







Vintage Bakelite Dress Clips!

Hi All!

Finally it is spring time in New York and elsewhere and time to trot out those little sun dresses and tank tops! What better vintage jewelry accessory to wear but a Vintage Bakelite Dress Clip! We have read and heard that they are gaining in popularity once again and we could not be happier!

Did you know that famed fashion designer Coco Chanel in addition to creating popularity for lots of vintage costume jewelry, had a great impact on increasing the popularity of the Vintage Dress Clip?!

Vintage Dress Clips are so  very versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways such as horizintal, vertical, at an angle, on a hat, scarf, lapell suit pocket, sweater and on and on….how about hooking a vintage dress clip over a chain to create the look of a pendant!?

Would love to hear about any vintage dress clips you have.  Are you looking for that special vintage dress clip?







Bakelite in the Home!

Vintage Plastic objects are part of our history. These items represent a significant example of Americana. The Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art and the Philadelphia Museum all include plastics in their collections. You do not have to go to a museum to enjoy seeing and collecting plastic items. The primary goal of the new movement, in the 1930’s and 40’s, was to provide less expensive, decorative, and useful items in the home, using machines to create and service the large population. It created an enormous variety of both functional and decorative high and low cost objects for the home which are sought after by collectors today. Antique plastic is not a contradiction of terms – plastics have been around in synthetic form for well over 100 years making them a true antique. BAKELITE was developed by Dr. Leo Baekeland in 1907 and was originally intended as an insulator for electricity, and is not quite 100 years old. Besides Bakelite jewelry, Bakelite has brought us items such as radios, kitchenware, flatware, clocks, Bakelite handled utensils, telephones, salt and pepper shakers, etc. The list of items boggle the mind and keeps increasing the pleasure it brings to the collector of any or all of the above. When to decide to collect Bakelite? Colors, design and style are no doubt what will attract you initially. The broad pallet of Bakelite enables today’s collector to enjoy both nostalgia and utility. For example, your eye catches a set of red plastic canisters – and it becomes a “look” in your kitchen, which can be followed for a search for a set of Bakelite Flatware for your dining experience. Above all, you are buying what you like and at the same time buying items of value. The value increases as authentic examples of an era diminish in supply. Collecting is a tangible, you had fun finding it and have the pleasure of the item in your home. The term “streamlined” appeared in magazines and illustrations of the day, to describe the design that set this era apart. Cocktail shakers, some accentuated with Bakelite, Bakelite napkin rings, drink stirrers, fruit knives, etc., were all part of the scene – the streamlined Bakelite radio playing popular songs of the day. This is now what collectors seek to continue to enhance the look of the era that has now become an important part of their lives. We advise collectors of Antique and Vintage Bakelite items for their home, to buy what gives them pleasure and don’t be afraid to set an eclectic table – utensils and flatware do not have to match nor do they have to be the same color. Buy “orphaned” pieces of Bakelite flatware to create a bright and colorful look – all that matters is what appeals to you, the collector. Be certain, that in order to assure the continuance of this search for Antique and Vintage Bakelite for the home, one has to always be certain of where and from whom these items are being purchased, and buy from reputable and knowledgeable dealers. We would love to hear your comments about this article – visit our web site, http://www.evelynnesoldiesbutgoodies  and receive an extra 5% off our already sale priced items for letting us know that you read our article! voosflatware1shakerset2 iceteaspoons1

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Becoming a Collector of Vintage Bakelite Jewelry – Part I

Once you have decided you want to start collecting Vintage Bakelite Jewelry, you need to get started somewhere and one should start off slowly and carefully.  It helps, of course to have some basic knowledge of the history of this wonderful era of collecting.  There are many exceptional books on Vintage Bakelite jewelry readily available, which are a most useful resource. We have been dealing in Vintage Bakelite jewelry for well over 30 years and truly feel that it is never to late to start collecting, wearing and enjoying Vintage Bakelite jewelry.  This form of Vintage Plastic Jewelry is indeed a wonderful tribute to the designs contributed from the Art Deco era.  

The Art Deco period began with the end of the Art Nouveau period in approximately 1920 and continued through 1935.  During this era, the most accessible and collectible jewelry of the Deco era was “plastic.”  The word “plastic” and “jewelry” do not seem to go together for many people, but they do if you are an avid collector of Deco jewelry – in Bakelite – the colorful fun jewelry that is so fashionable to wear.  As far as we are concerned, we are of the opinion that this is the ultimate in costume jewelry, as it is worn completely for effect, to enhance the “costume.”  Rather than being spurned as it was for many years, it is worn today in the spirit of colorful fun for which it was intended.  In addition, when searching for Bakelite jewelry, one can find some fabulous examples of great design work in the harder-to-find pieces that have made their happy way to the collectible’s market.  When beginning to collect Vintage Bakelite jewelry, certainly do not feel that you have to start off with highly carved and costly pieces.  This is not the case.   Not only it is a decorative fashion accessory, it is a valued commodity.

So, you say you like Bakelite, but don’t quite know what it is…..Bakelite, a Phenolic Resin, was cast into tubes, rods and carved sheets by machinists and was invented by Dr. Leo Bakeland, for which he obtained a patent on July 13, 1907.  The demand for it and its uses in household items, kitchenware, games, toys, electrical insulators and of course jewelry, made this product an instant success.  It was intended for the masses.  Most Bakelite jewelry production ceased in 1942 at the beginning of World War II. 

Bakelite jewelry was sold in the 1930’s and early 1940’s in such noteworthy United States department stores such as Sears, Saks, B. Altmans and Bonwit Tellers.  There were well known designers such as Van Cleef and Arpel, Chanel and Lalique who even designed items using this material.  These were the times of the depression and the bright and durable Bakelite items were an instant hit with all, with a wonderful array of colors available.  The Queen may not have worn Bakelite at the time, but in a recent television program, the Royal Yacht Britannia had furnishings that had Bakelite trim.

It can be a truly awesome and confusing experience when beginning one’s search for that first piece of Vintage Bakelite jewelry.  As with all vintage and collectible jewelry, time creates scarcity.  There is much to choose from, and it can be found in bricks and mortar shops, antiques shows, flea markets and sites like Evelynne’s Oldies But Goodies, http://www.evelynnesoldiesbutgoodies.com.   Be sure to check back for the next installment on this fascinating topic……


An unusual Vintage Bakelite and Chrome Brooch

An unusual Vintage Bakelite and Chrome Brooch

Vintage Bakelite Bangle Carved Deeply

Vintage Bakelite Bangle Carved Deeply

Welcome to our Blog!!

Welcome to our new Blog! We hope you enjoy reading our posts and that you will feel free to post any comments or suggestions!  

Our online shop, http://evelynnesoldiesbutgoodies.com – Evelynne’s Oldies But Goodies, specializes in Vintage Bakelite Jewelry, Bakelite for the home, vintage Barware and so much more.  As a mother-daughter partnership, we have been specializing in Vintage Bakelite for over 30 years.  The mother portion of this successful partnership, has been up close and personal with Bakelite in her home and as a fashion accessory, having lived during the era of its popularity.  Remember Everything Old is New Again!!

We thought we would start with a “Bakelite Primer” about Bakelite Jewelry for those that want to know more about Bakelite Jewelry and want to enhance their collection or start one.

Feel free to send us any pictures of Bakelite pieces you just love and want to share!

We would love to hear from you about what Bakelite pieces you have or want to find – is there anything you want to ask of us or anything you have been searching for?

Fabulous Deeply Carved Vintage Bakelite Bangle           Art Deco Styled Vintage Bakelite Bangle